Saturday, 23 March 2013

9 Tips To Save/Increase Your Battery Life Of Mobile

As I have seen many peoples are complaining that my mobiles battery is down and it works only for some hours. earlier ( when I have no much knowledge about mobile) I was also facing problem that my mobile’s battery was get empty after 5-6 hours but now its working 1-2 days for me. so today I am going give you some tips that I have used and increased my mobile’s battery life.

Recommended Tips

  1. Never use any java,Symbian mobile applications when battery is too low its affect to your battery.
  2. Always try to use low brightness for your mobile display.
  3. Always properly switch-off your mobile (never directly remove battery).
  4. Use automatic network selection option in stand of manual selection
  5. Always keep you Bluetooth off when its not in use
  6. Use Hands free to listen music
  7. Reduce the back light/Key pad light time
  8. Never Use any Flash or Animation as a wallpaper
  9. Always keep off screen saver
So if you have any tips let share with us



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