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ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review: The Secret to BTT’s Revenue

Do you want to earn from your blog from this very moment?
I am damn sure AdSense isn’t making up your coffee prices as well.
Are you looking for a blog revenue program better than AdSense?
If you just nodded your head to say “um hmm” all the three times, this post is for you.
In this post I am going to show an effective blog monetization technique that is often under the radar because the big bloggers using this won’t want you to know this.
Blogging is for sure a passion for many of us. But let’s face it, you cannot stick to your passion and give it full time unless it is the source of your bread and butter. But what if your blog has no decent traffic and or is not yet approved by AdSense?
Here is a source that accounted for almost 40% of my earnings in December 2014, an approx. of470$/ Rs.28,000.00 (I know it’s not huge but is enough for many.) I don’t believe in eating up my blogs estate or in decreasing my readers UX with serving cheap ads. It’s when I started using this program.
Although I use various noticeable monetization programs to monetize HackSerialKey which includes:
  1. Google AdSense (On Blogger section only)
  2. Direct ads 
  3. Sponsored reviews
  4. Blog Services
  5. Affiliate Marketing etc.
but Affiliate marketing worked best for me last month. I don’t brag about my earnings in general but I am showing my screenshots here, because I know it can motivate someone reading this to make even more money. I myself joined shareasale after I saw the earnings report of a popular blogger.
Here are a few screenshots that prove my claims:
shareasale income proof
Note: $155.98 is finalized payment of month November 2014 which I received on Dec 20th 2014 and I made over $470 in Dec 2014 which I will receive this month i.e. Jan 2015.

How you can also make Money from your blog?

The program that accounted for 40% of my income in Dec 2014 is ShareAsale. Shareasale is an affiliate program that pays you to promote the products registered with them. It is a two way program in which merchants register their products on the platform and affiliate marketers like me and you sign up to promote these products and get paid for each sale made. Read these basics of affiliate marketing before you get started.

Why I recommend shareAsale

There are many great marketplaces like Commission Junction, Clickbank etc. from where internet marketers can pick and promote the products that suits to their blog audience but the reasons I recommend to use Shareasale are:
  1. Shareasale has a very user friendly and easy to use interface.
  2. You can sign up for almost any product you want. Products range from genesis themes to many fortune 500 businesses.
  3. Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead both type of programs are available there. Few programs pay 2 Tier commission too.
  4. The main reason is I am using it and making a good amount of dollars, and I know you too can do it.

Who can join Shareasale Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join shareasale, you only need to have a medium to reach your audience to sell them. If you have a blog, no matter in which niche, you can join shareasale. ShareAsale has a wide range of products you can choose to promote. Here is the list of few of the products/services you can start promoting right away based on your blog niche:
  1. Technology: Alishell LLC
  2. Blogging: StudioPress, WPEngine, Hootsuite
  3. Clothing and fashion: Eczosplay, Mart of China
  4. Food and fitness: Pregprep, World Genetics Nutrition
  5. Dating: Quality blooms, cards
  6. Books publishing: Blurb
  7. Weddings: Ybridal etc.

How to use shareAsale: A complete user guide

While using shareasale is not very cheesy, I am presenting you a guide to use shareasale as easily as possible.
STEP 1: Signing up:
  1. Go to
  2. welcome to sharesale
  3. You will be guided through five steps that are pretty self-explanatory. After completion of the sign up process, you will have to wait for confirmation and account approval.
  4. shareasale affiliate signup
  5. If you use an email id from the domain of a site you are going to promote it (, then it is approved fast, however you can sign up with a simple email service like Gmail, or outlook id.
  6. If you have signed up from a normal email id, you need to confirm that you own your website.
STEP 2: Confirmation and account approval:
Confirming can be done easily by either clicking an approval link sent to the email address registered with the domain or by placing a custom text code between the and section of your website template.
STEP 3: The dashboard:
The dashboard is as easy to navigate as it could be.
  1. The first thing you notice is a to-do-list that enables you to find what incomplete tasks you need to perform.
  2. to do list
  3. In the given screenshot, I need to confirm my tax details as well as verify my website as I have signed up through my Gmail account which is no harm.
  4. Shareasale supports direct transfer of balance to the banks of many countries including India, so if you are from one of countries that comply with their payment norms you can get the affiliate commissions from shareasale deposited directly to your bank account.
  5. shareasale bank form
  6. In the above form you just have to insert your bank name, city, your IFSC code of the bank, and your account number that’s it.
  7. The threshold payment for shareasale is 50$ only. This is easily attainable by any blogger. Sometimes a single sale makes more than 100$ alone. The payment is made on 20th of each month.
  8. You can check out your earnings daily.
  1. For new publishers (we, the affiliate marketers) we have the merchants section where you can hunt the top merchants (the companies whose products will be promoted by you).
  2. search for merchants
  3. You can then sign up for the merchants individually; if there products interest you to promote them.
  4. join program
  5. Some affiliate products require a confirmation from the merchant in order to enable you to promote it.
    For example – Hootsuite, Hootsuite pays a pretty good recurring commission on every sign up and I was interested and decided to join it. Now when I signed up for the product, I had to wait for a day to get approved by them before I could promote them.
  6. After getting approval from merchants, you can get your affiliate links/banners from Links section to promote on your blog.
  7. get a link banner
  8. Also, you can join the shareasale “Aquarium”, the other name for forum, were you can interact with other brands and find better merchants.

Some Tips to Get More Affiliate Sales

Are you worried how to get more income from shareasale? In this section I will explain how I made money by promoting products through shareasale affiliate network.
  1. Promote products that pay you hugely for single sign ups.
  2. We cannot wait for a product that pays two cents per sale made, instead products likelinktrackr, and genesis, which pay a huge 331$ and 33% of the sales made respectively.
  3. Choose products that fit your niche:
  4. I would say choose products that fit your niche and topic of blogging. After all we do not want to harm our readers by promoting irrelevant items.
  5. Promote products you use or have an idea of it. This will help you in serving any doubt that the buyer asks you before buying a product.
  6. Hide that dirty ugly link for God’s sake:
  7. Most affiliate links come with product code, publisher code and tracking units. Though these all are helpful and necessary it will scare off the potential buyers who might think they are spam links. You can use WordPress plugins like Pretty Link Lite or GoCodes to cloak your affiliate links.
    For example: A link that looks like this:

  8. Clear the doubts of your readers:
  9. Try clearing the doubts of your readers regarding the product. This is directly linked with the point 3 above. If you have used a product or have reviewed one on your blog, it can be useful for clearing the doubts regarding it.
  10. Where to promote your product:
  11. You can always promote your product on your blog, on a fan page, on landing pages, in forums that allow affiliate marketing. You can be innovative as to where you can promote your product. Just be creative for promoting them on your blog for example, write a review of the product (see live example of a successful review post here), or make a list post list including that product (see example here). You can also create a Blogging resources page.

Over to you

I think promoting products that you have personally used and benefitted from is the most powerful secret to affiliate links. I myself have always practiced it. If you want to make money from initial blog stage with less traffic you can do it also with shareasale. It’s because though your audience is small you should keep it dedicated and promote the products that are a part of their niche. So, what are you waiting for? Are you all ready to make your first dollar online? Sign up for a shareAsale account here and start earning online passively.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Facebook Page Verification Trick [Official]

Hello friends today i will tell you about facebook page verification trick [ official ]

Official form from Facebook where you can drop your verification request,

There are no rigid requirements for verification,but here are few tips you can implement...

1)Your Page Must have a healthy number of fans..

2)If you have a website ,you must put your page like box on it

3)You fan page must be active..

4)You must have advertised on Facebook

To submit your request for verification

goto this link

then login your account Select your fan page ,and submit a photo I’d proof and website.

Now wait to receive an email... ENJOY

Monday, 24 November 2014

How To Make Stylish Name Trick On Facebook

Hello friends single name trick is updated..

Facebook not allowed stylish name on facebook but some language are stylish & facebook allowed this type of language word.

How To Make Stylish Name Trick On Facebook :-


Note:- only one uppercase letter & use only one type on language

Ukrainian, Russian, Cyrillic letters

Next is Ukrainian
alphabet and some other symbols from
Russian and ancient languages.

А Б В Г Ґ Д Е Є Ж З И І Ї Й К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ь Ю Я а б в г ґ д е є ж з и і

ї й к л м н о п р с т
у ф х ц ч ш щ ь ю я Ё Ѫ Ѧ ѳ ы ѣ Ѣ ъ ψ ξ

Greek letters and characters

Φ Χ Ψ Ω ∇

α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ
μ ν ξ ο π ρ ς σ τ υ φ
χ ψ ω ∂ ϵ ϑ ϰ ϕ ϱ ϖ

Połish language

ą ć ę ł ś ó ż + all
Latin (English).

Africa Alphabet




a b ɓ c d ɖ e ɛ ǝ f ƒ g ɣ h x i j k l m n ŋ o ɔ p r s ʃ t u v ʋ w y z ʒ

If u follow rules your name has been successfully changed, if u r not using this rules your then facebook says this is invalid character, if u face any problem please download stylish keypad from google play.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

How to Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

Today I am going to share one of the important posts for Facebook page owners “How To Change Facebook Page Name”. The post is about how to change Facebook page name after 200+ likes.

Finally we have 100% working and tested trick that will help you to change name on Facebook page after 200+ likes.

As we all know there is a limitation in Facebook, when we reached 200+ like on Facebook page, we cannot change the name of the page. Now we have the best facebook trick to bypass this limitation to change Facebook page name. I have personally tested this trick on my Facebook page and I am able to change the name of my Facebook page which is already having 1000+ like.

You might have read most articles and tutorials on how to change name on Facebook page after 200 likes. Unfortunately most of them are not working nowadays. Even if they work, the problem is that they are very complex to understand that a newbie cannot apply it on their page.

But here we have explained it in a very simple manner that anybody can read and apply it on their page. It is very easy, after reading this you will be able to change your Facebook page name having more than 200 likes within just 10 or 15 minutes. You can also have a look to our previous post how to disable seen feature by unseen facebook chrome extension

How To Change Facebook Page Name


Facebook page name change feature is already available to every user in USA. So we can simply avail these features by changing our location to USA. Don’t be afraid, we can easily change our location by a proxy chrome extension called HOLA PROXY.
Read this below steps carefully and apply in your Facebook page to change its name:
1. Start Google Chrome browser and Click on this link to install HOLA PROXY
2. After installing HOLA PROXY extension in Chrome, now open in same browser.

3. Now click or press the HOLA EXTENSION ICON situated on top right side of the browser.
4. Select the country as USA (United States of America) Show in image below:
change-facebook-page-name-hola-proxy5. Now your location is being changed to USA
6. Once your location is changed to USA server, your facebook page will be refreshed. Now you are required to enter your Facebook credentials.
7. After login, navigate to your desired page (having more than 200 likes) which you want to change the name
8. Click on update info -> click on edit name
9. You can see a new option there “Request Change” which previously was not available.
10. Do right click on it and open it in different tab (Open in a New Window)
11. A form will appear “I need to change the name of my page”. Tick on “I understand the formatting guidelines for may Page’s new name”
12. Now fill your desired Facebook page name.
13. You can see an option “Why you want to change your page name”. Here I am recommending you to select the option “I am re-branding my page” from the drop down menu.
  • Now you are required to create a doc file where you have to write the reasons why you really want to change your Facebook page. Take some snapshots of your new business, website.
  • Now tick the box and click on SEND button
  • A message will be displayed in front of you saying “You will receive an email response shortly”
  • After maximum 2 or 3 days, you will see the change in your Facebook page name with your desired name.
You are done with how to change facebook page name after having more than 200 likes.
Enjoy and share this with your friends, they can also be able to change their Facebook page name.
If you still have any query regarding this, you can comment here. We will try to solve them in 48 hours.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

how to post in multiple facebook groups at once
Everyone knows that facebook is one of best place for all the bloggers to promote or share their blog posts.If you share posts on your facebook timeline or wall than very few peoples saw your posts.In this case, facebook groups can drive more traffic to your posts.So, first we need to join lots of groups and post our blog posts there.But it takes too much time to post all groups one by one.We are also facing the same problem before.Now we got a solution of it and today we will share a great trick to post all facebook groups in only one click.

How To Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In Single Click :

  • First of all you need to join lots of facebook groups related to your blog niche.After joining wait for admin approvel to become a member of group.  
  • After geting approvel from groups admin we have to collect the facebook e-mail addresses of joined facebook groups.
  • Some groups prvide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.After opening groups you can see group address on our browser address bar.It will something like below link.

  • Copy the username of the  facebook group and paste them into notepad or wordpad.
  • Now its time create facebook groups e-mail address from their usernames.We just need to paste the username just before facebook groups e-mail address look like below e-mail address.
  • Use above steps to create e-mail address for all joined groups and don't forget to seperate them with commas.After creating e-mail addresses for all groups save them into notepad,wordpad,MS Word etc.
  • Now sign in your e-mail address which you have used to create acount on facebook.
  • Than click on compose e-mail option.
  • Now copy all facebook groups e-mails and paste them into BCC field.
  • Now compose compose you mail with text,links and images that you want to post.And click on send button.
  • That's it.Now check facebook groups, your message is successfully posted in all groups.
Note : You can't post on unjoined groups and please don't spam in groups.You may got banned for spamming in groups by group owners.
You have follow above steps again to post again on all groups.Above trick will save your lots of time and you also get decent traffic from facebook.We hope you like above post.If you are facing any problem please share it with us below in comments, we will try to solve this.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hacking Someone's Facebook Password Using Some Software Or Website? No Sir You Can't!

Facebook Hack ||
Do you know there are over thousands of websites and software that claim to hack Facebook password of any account? They'd ask you the victim's profile ID, maybe your credentials and some money too and will reportedly tell you the password which, to be honest, never works. Ever wonder why? Let me tell you why, they're FAKE! They're a scam which tricks you somehow in losing your money or your own Facebook account. Just give it a thought, why would Zuckerberg and his team spend Billions of Dollars on Facebook if one could hack it in less than a minute? Today, we'll take a look at this topic in detail with some example websites and software and get answers to some common related questions.

Back in 2009, I came across a mechanism that reportedly hacked Yahoo mail password for a user using some simple tricks. It didn't work for me for obvious reasons but I didn't stop believing the possibility until I grew up to realize how helpless I am here. One of the major concerns of large organizations like Facebook and Yahoo is security because of the super sensitive information about people they have. Several hundred million dollars are spend yearly by these organizations to ensure security and then there's these websites that claim to undo all that protection in less than a minute.
The Facebook password cracking Websites and Software
Let's start with some examples here. I googled the subject and picked the top results without order. Didn't care to search harder because there are thousands such and I know that all are FAKE.

So let's look at this
hacking facebook password

Their FREE Facebook hacker program is said to be capable of cracking the password of any Facebook user within a day. Sounds cool, I could try it out, but my Norton Antivirus rejected the file straight away.

I also picked up another one. This Hack-Fbook-Password asks me to enter the profile ID of a user and it will crack the password. I said Okay and began the process.
facebook hacking

It ran certain algorithms to determine the password and finally landed me on a page that said I could DOWNLOAD the password IF I fill an online survey first. Those of you who've been redirected to surveys would know they don't work and are put just so to get traffic and earn money.

I said maybe I should leave the website now but hey, they gave me a prize!

So I just became the luckiest person in my city just like that!

Now tell me, how can a sane person believe in all this?
The truth!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Increase Ram Of your Android Mobile Using SD Card | Increase android RAM

Hello friends, today in this post i'm introducing a new technique and some tips to increase RAM of your android device. This difference in hardware can greatly affect your phone, you can not use bigger size apps, and can not play heavy games or you can not run multiple application at the same time or the hanging problem and many more. But everyone can not afford the high range phones. And majority of this problem is due to the processor and the ram size. So in this post, i'm talking about how to increase ram of your android phone and you also play heavy games and use multiple applications.

How to Increase Ram In Android Using Sd Card ?
Note: Increasing ram does not mean that you are internally adding some hardware to your Android phone. Its not possible for a normal man to alter the hardware of Android device so as to increase its Ram. Its been risky and one need to be professional to change the hardware. And also manufacturer has some guidelines for this.  But don’t worry there is some simple way to increase ram in Android, you just need to follow the instruction. And you can easily increase your ram in maximum 10-15 minutes. Using this method or trick you can increase your ram upto 4 GB.


  • 1. SD card as you want but class 4 or higher SD Card will give excellent speed to your Phone.
  • 2. Rooted smartphone.
  •     Or Rooted Tablet (If you want to increase RAM and Internal Memory of it.)
  • 3. SD card reader
  • 4. Windows PC
  • 5. An internet connection for downloading a few softwares or you can get it from somewhere else also.

Partition Your SD Card:

First step you have to do is to partition your SD Card and for doing this you have to,

1. Download Mini tool Partition from Here.

2. Install the application on your PC and connect your SD card to your PC with Card Reader.

3. Open Mini Tool Partition in your PC and when the wizards open click on your SD Card and select Delete option. (Note: This will format your SD Card completely mean that it will erase your data permanently, so previous to doing this backup your data at any place in PC or other Storage device.)

4. When the Formatting of your SD Card is completed then, you have whole of space of your SD Card as unallocated then Right click SD Card and select make option.

5. A popup box will open giving you options for making partition; select the partition as primary and file system as FAT if SD Card is less than 4GB or FAT32 if your SD Card is more than 4GB.

6. Leave about 512 MB or more space (your choice) for making the next partition.

7. Then select done and do right click on unallocated space of your SD Card and again click make option. Select Primary partition but change the file system to Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4.

Note: (Ext2 is not compulsory as most ROMs work fine with it).

How To Make Ram Of SD Card Android:

1. Click Apply Changes and then process goes on for the few minutes and then partition is completed.

2. Install Link2sd from Google Play or download and install the .apk format file from here to your phone.

3. On the first launch of the app, it will question for root permissions and then, it will question you the file system of the .ext partition that you had before made, choose the option as you had choose in the partitioning steps.

4. Sort the apps according to size and start linking them.

You have done your task Enjoy. Comment below if you facking any problem.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What is Hacking |Different types of hacker|what is ethical hacking
Hi guys, this is very important post for all those who want to learn ethical hacking or want ethical hacking certification.This post will cover different aspects of hacking, different type of hackers and the methodologies they follow, their mindset and their working. This post will give you a introduction about how to be a hacker and how to get proper ethical hacking training.
So let us start:-
What is Ethical Hacking?
Ethical Hacking is process of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in a system and then rectifying them to protect them from other hackers. Person performing ethical hacking is person who has ethical hacking certification and holds good knowledge about computers, networks, programming and various vulnerabilities. His work is to secure his own network and protect it from all sort of cyber attacks.
Types of Hackers based on their knowledge :
Coders :
Coders are real hackers. They are programmers having immense knowledge about many programming languages, networking and working of programs. They are skilled programmers who can find vulnerabilities on their own and create exploits based on those vulnerabilities. They can code their own tools and exploit and can modify existing tools according to their use.
You have to learn programming from basic to advanced level to be a coder.
Admins :
These are the computer guys who are not sound enough in programming but holds enough information about hacking and networking. These guys have Hacking certifications and can hack any system or network with the help of tools and exploit created by codes. Majority of security consultants fall in this group. They are Certified Ethical Hackers who are trained for securing networks.
Script kiddies :
This is the most dangerous type of hackers. These type of hackers does not actually know what they are doing. They just use the tools and partial knowledge they gain from internet to attack systems. They do it just for fun purpose and to be famous. They use the tools and exploits coded by other hackers and use them. They have minimum skills.

ypes of Hackers based on their motive of hacking :
White Hat Hackers :
White hat hackers are ethical hackers with some certifications such as CEH( Certified Ethical Hacker). They break into systems just for legal purposes. Their main motive is to find loopholes in the networks and rectifying them. These type of hackers work with famous companies in securing their systems and protecting them against other hackers.
Black Hat Hacker :
A black hat hacker may or may not have any hacking certification but they hold good knowledge about hacking. They use their skills for destructive purposes. They break into systems and networks either for fun or to gain some money from illegal means. They gain unauthorized access and destroy/steal confidential data or basically cause problems to their target.
Gray Hat Hacker :
A grey hat hacker is a combination of a Black Hat and a White Hat Hacker. A Grey Hat Hacker may surf the internet and hack into a computer system for the sole purpose of notifying the administrator that their system has been hacked. Then they may offer to repair their system for a small fee.
CEH or Certified Ethical Hacking is a certification exam every hacker must give in order to certify that he is a trained hacker. CEH is conducted by Ec-council. You can have the examination test by registering at their site. The CEH certification is famous all over the world. They provide training camps for this camp or you can train yourself by learning hacking from sites like How to hack or by joining some local institutions that provide CEH courses. A person having this certification could easy get a job in IT Security sector. If your desire is to be a good hacker then this certification is a must have thing for you.
So now you know about different types of hackers and their working. I will be back with another post about how they actually hack into system. Stay tuned and keep visiting HackSerialKey.Com

Monday, 14 July 2014

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word 3.0 with Serial Keys/Crack

Recent changes

  • Users no longer need to have Microsoft Word installed first
  • Enable table conversion
  • Properly preserves image and text hyperlinks

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word supports the following formats

Download AnyBizSoft PDF to Word 3.0 With Crack(

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

100 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog or Earn Online

Selling Advertisements

One of the most popular methods of monetizing a site or blog is to sell advertising space, usually banner ads. You could manage this manually, but it is much more efficient to either use a network or a plugin/resource that will automate much of the process.
1. BuySellAds – A popular network that manages advertising for publishers and advertisers.
2. BuySellAds Pro – A professional-grade advertising solution from BSA.
3. OIO Publisher – Probably the oldest and most-used WordPress plugin ($47) for managing ad sales.
4. WP AdCenter – A popular and comprehensive ad management plugin for WordPress ($49).
5. AdSanity – Another popular and feature-rich WordPress plugin ($29) for managing ads.
6. AdPress – A premium WordPress plugin ($35) with advanced ad management features.
7. Banner Manager Pro – A WordPress plugin ($18) for selling and managing banner ads on your site.
8. The Deck – An long standing invite-only ad network that targets the web design industry.
9. Carbon – An invite-only ad network, now owned by BSA, that focuses on the design and development industries.
10. Fusion Ads – Also and invite-only network that is owned by BSA targeting the creative community.
11. Yoggrt – Another invite-only network from BSA that targets the creative community.
12. Smaato – Mobile advertising network.

Contextual Advertising

Placing ads within the content of your pages is also an option.
13. AdSense – Google’s contextual advertising solution is one of the easiest ways to monetize a website or blog.
14. Vibrant – In-text, in-image, and display ads.
15. Infolinks – Infolinks is a popular option for in-text ads.
16. Kontera – A contextual advertising solution that has been around for years.
17. Result Links – Focusing on in-text ads.
18. Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ads – Contextual ads powered by
19. Clicksor – They offer inline text ads, banners, popunders, and more.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate programs can be extremely lucrative to top earners, and one of the great perks is that there are affiliate programs available in just about any industry or niche you can imagine. You can sign up to promote specific products by joining the affiliate program of particular companies or websites, but large networks also represent a huge number of companies and products. Affiliate networks make it a little bit easier to manage because you can get all of your links and stats in one place, plus payouts for all programs within the network will be combined.
20. CommissionJunction – A huge network with options to promote products in just about any industry.
21. ClickBank – The leading affiliate network exclusively for digital products.
22. Amazon Associates – While it’s not really a network, Amazon sells so many different products that their affiliate program can be used by just about any website or blog.
23. ShareASale – Another large affiliate network with many products to promote on your site.
24. ClickBooth – Offer CPA and CPC options.
25. LinkShare – A major affiliate network that represents many leading brands.
26. Neverblue – Another popular affiliate network with a lot of options.


Selling products at your own website is one of the best ways to take your monetization to the next level. Here are some great resources for getting your own shop setup.
27. Shopify – A super-popular and feature-rich hosted e-commerce platform.
28. BigCommerce – Another popular and feature-rich e-commerce option.
29. Highwire – A hosted e-commerce platform that includes features like selling on Ebay and Facebook.
30. Magento – An extremely popular open-source e-commerce platform.
31. osCommerce – Another popular open-source option.
32. DPD – A simple e-commerce system that is great for selling digital products.
33. E-Junkie – A popular option for selling digital products, although you can use it for tangible products as well.
34. WooCommerce – The leading free WordPress plugin for e-commerce. You can purchase option add-ons from their store to add specific functionality.
35. WP e-Commerce – Another popular free WordPress plugin with premium add-ons available.
36. Cart66 – A premium WordPress e-commerce plugin. They also offer Cart66 Cloud which is a combination of a WordPress plugin and hosted e-commerce.
37. Easy Digital Downloads – A free WordPress plugin for selling digital products.
38. Gumroad – Gumroad makes it easy to sell your digital products.

Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

If you sell your own products, adding an affiliate program is an effective way to increase sales exponentially. You’ll allow others to promote your products in exchange for a commission on any sales that they refer. Most affiliate software options offer many of the same features, so I won’t list details, but here are several options.

WordPress Affiliate Plugins

If you use WordPress for your website there are a number of plugins that can help for setting up your affiliate program.

Membership Websites

Selling memberships is another excellent monetization option. You can generate recurring revenue by offering members access to exclusive content or resources.
49. aMember – The most popular software for managing membership websites ($179.95), aMember integrates with a wide variety of CMSs and platforms.
50. Wishlist Member – Probably the most popular WordPress plugin ($97) for managing a membership website.
51. Restrict Content Pro – A solid membership plugin for WordPress ($42) that doesn’t include extensive features but is very user-friendly.
52. Member Mouse – A robust membership plugin for WordPress (starts at $19.95 per month).
53. MemberWing – Another membership plugin for WordPress ($199.95).

Premium Content

There are also a few resources that help you to make money by selling access to premium content on your site or blog.
54. Pivotshare – Sell premium video content.
55. TinyPass – Build a revenue stream based on payment for access to premium content.
56. Cleeng – Sell premium content including videos, e-books, live events, and newspapers.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored reviews and blog posts used to be more popular a few years ago, but there are still some options for leveraging your blog to make money from publishing sponsored content.
57. PostJoint – Accept paid content for your blog.
58. SponsoredReviews – Get connected with advertisers looking to pay for blog reviews.
59. SocialSpark – A marketplace find advertisers who want you to review their products.
60. – Make money by hosting sponsored giveaways.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

One easy way to make a little extra money is to join the affiliate program of whatever company is hosting your website. Almost every host offers an affiliate program and you can place an ad or link on your site that says “hosted by ABC Company”. If you’re looking for a new host you may want to consider one that has a great affiliate program.
61. Bluehost – A very popular host with an extremely popular and effective affiliate program.
62. HostGator – Another leading host with a generous affiliate program.
63. WPEngine – They specialize in managed WordPress hosting and they feature a high affiliate commission for referrals.
64. MediaTemple – A leader in the hosting industry with a potentially-lucrative affiliate program.
65. Eleven2 – Our current host also offers an affiliate program.

Add a Job Board to Your Website

Another option is to create an industry-specific job board on your site, and charge companies to post a job listing to be seen by your audience. The following options will all make it easy to setup your own job board.

Create and Sell Access to Online Courses

Online training and education is a huge industry. You can leverage the expertise and reputation that you have developed by creating and selling your own courses.


Many bloggers also publish podcasts, and podcasts offer some additional opportunities for ad revenue and sponsorships.
77. Podtrac – Podtrac connects podcasters and advertisers.


You can sell products via auction using these WordPress plugins and themes.

WordPress Plugin for Monetizing a Site

Sabai Directory
For those of you who are using WordPress, there are a number of plugins that don’t fit perfectly into any of the categories before. Each of these plugins has it’s own unique functionality that helps you to make money in some way.
81. Sabai Directory – This plugin ($25) allows you to add a directory to your site, and it integrates with PayPal to accept payment for directory listings.
82. Page Peel Pro – Use page peel ads on your site with this plugin ($13).
83. WP Adshare Revenue – Use this plugin ($10) to share AdSense revenue with authors and editors. It’s a great way to encourage others to produce content for your site.
84. Advert Flap Pro – Create unobtrusive ads that will get your visitors attention by using this plugin ($13).
85. Interstitial Ads – Use this plugin ($18) to show ads that your users will see between pageviews.
86. Wp-Insert – A free plugin that will insert ads into specific locations within your content.
87. Google AdSense – A free plugin that makes it easy to implement AdSense into your WordPress website or blog.
88. WP Auto Affiliate Links – This free plugin will automatically create affiliate links within your content based on keywords and affiliate programs of your choice.
89. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin – Use this plugin ($31) to build a store featuring Amazon products.
90. Paid Downloads Pro – Sell any digital content easily with this plugin ($18).
91. Social Deals Engine – This plugin ($15) allows you to get daily deal site functionality, and it integrates with WooCommerce.
92. FooBar – Add a notification bar with this plugin ($14) to get more attention for an affiliate link or a link to one of your own products.
93. attentionGrabber – Another popular plugin ($12) for adding a notification bar.
94. WP Header Bar – This plugin ($13) allows you to create responsive notification bars with a lot of different features.
95. Nice Notifications – A notification bar plugin ($14) with a drag-and-drop composer.
96. WP Pre Post Advertising – This plugin ($10) shows an ad before the actual post/page. The ad includes a countdown and when it reaches 0 the page/post will be shown.
97. 5sec Link Remover – This plugin ($8) allows you to show links only to registered/paid users.
98. Pretty Link Lite – A free plugin (premium version also available) that is great for shortening your affiliate links.
99. Simple URLs – Another free plugin for creating shortened links.
100. WP125 – This free plugin allows you to manage and rotate banner ads.
101. AdRotate – A free plugin for managing ad spots on your blog. A pro version is also available.