Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cool Notepad Tricks

We may have used a notepad for quite a long time but never discovered what other things it may do to surprise us. A notepad is a lot more than just typing and saving it wherever we want. This article is basically to explore a more about a notepad so that one can make a full use of it. You will be amazed that how many tricks you can do with your computer at home. Let’s see the best notepad tricks and the way to do it.

Date and time

This trick will allow you to get the current date and time every time you open the notepad file you saved through this. To do this:

Open your notepad

Type “.LOG” (Case-sensitive)

Now save this file as *.txt

Now every time you click this file this is going to show you the current date and time.

System Pop-up message

Open the notepad

Paste this “@ echo off”

msg *POP- UP Message

Save the file as *.bat

When you click on the file a message will pop up

September 11 tower attack in your system

Open the notepad

Type the flight no.Q33N

Increase the font size as 72 and font type as “Windings”

You will be surprised to see this:

Check your anti-virus

Open your notepad


Save the file as “virus-test.txt”

Scan the file using the anti-virus if it detects this file then you have a good anti-virus.

Delete an undeletable file

Open the notepad

Type the following code: @ echo off

del “Complete Path of the file” /P/S

Save this file as *.bat

Click the file to run and it will ask you to choose whether to delete this or not

Hear the PDF files

To hear your PDF files instead of reading them

For the whole documentàctrl+shift+b

For a pageàctrl+shift+v

To resumeàctrl+shift+c

To stopàctrl+shift+e

Getting a fake error message

Open your notepad

Type msg *Error: Your system is affected by a virus

Save as “virus.bat”

Now open this file and as you open it you get an error message in a window

This is a created message and no actual virus

Format HDD

Open the notepad

Write this exactly same in notepad: 0100101100011111001001010101010101000


Save this file as .exe

Always use .exe file with ethics as it can be really dangerous to use.

Open Console box

Open your notepad

Type in “start” as many times as you wants

Save this file as start.bat

Now once you open this file the console box would open up as many times as you typed start.

Make Matrix with notepad

Open the notepad and type this:

@echo off

Color 2

: Start

Echo %random%randon%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%random%

Go to start

Save this as matrix.bat

Now double click the file and matrix will open like this:



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