Sunday, 24 March 2013

Disable Text Selection in Blogger

It feels really bad to see that people are stealing your content, because you have spent days and nights on building your website. Some newbie bloggers usually tries to just copy and paste blog posts from other websites. This action will harm the reputation of website from where the content is being copied. Today I’m writing a simple Blogger tutorial to show you How to Disable Text Selection in Blogger. Yeah, we can do this using a simple JavaScript code. You just need to insert this code into your Blog and it will disable text selection in your blogger blog. This method will just disable text selection and users will be still able to use their right click menu. There is another method to stop others stealing your content. It is by disabling the right click menu on your Blog, using Javascript. Well, in this post we are just talking about How to Disable Text Selection in Blogger. So let’s start this tutorial.
Disable Text Selection in Blogger

1. Login to Blogger >> Overview >> Layout >>Add a Gadget >> Select “HTML/JavaScript”.

2. Write following code into the Content Box of it:

<! Disable Copy And Paste-->

<script language='JavaScript1.2'>

function disableselect(e){return false}

function reEnable(){return true}

document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")

if (window.sidebar)




<! Disable Copy And Paste-->

3. Leave the Title empty and save that Gadget. You can place it anywhere on your Blog. Now check your Blog and try to make a text selection. You will see that this script will not let you select any text on your Blog.

We know there are lot of other ways to copy content from any website, but here we are just trying to implement some simple measures to stop others who are stealing our content. I hope you will like this Blogger Tutorial or How to Disable Text Selection in Blogger to save your content. This Blogger tutorial will help you to discourage those users who just came on your blog to copy your content. If you find any trouble implementing this tutorial, then don’t hesitate to ask me in comments


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