Monday, 21 April 2014

How to Reveal/View Password Hidden under Asterisks? Simple way

Most of the browsers have capability of remembering the user name and password which helps us to login more quickly in our favorite sites like Facebook, twitter, Gmail etc. with the help of this features you don’t need to type user name and password every time when you want to sign in to your favorite site. Since you are not typing your password anymore and thus you will forget your password in few days and then you cannot reveal or predict the password, because of security reason the password field of all browsers are masked with asterisks or dots which would not allows anyone to see original password even user. So cannot know or reveal the password by simply looking at the browser password field. But there is couple of way to reveal the password hidden under asterisks in your web browser and in this article we are discussing about how to reveal/view password hidden under asterisks in web browser.

Steps to Reveal/view Password Hidden under Asterisks

Mozilla Firefox and Opera

For Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser you can reveal or view password hidden under asterisks by using inbuilt Inspect Element features of the browser. So follow the steps below
  • Open the site that ask you to sign in (Facebook, Gmail) and where your user name and password already remembered by the browser.
  • Now Right click on Password field of browser and select Inspect Element.
  • After that Inspect Element will open where you will see HTML code and here just find the wordPassword and replace with the word text.
  • Now it will reveal the password hidden under asterisks in the password field of the browser.

Google Chrome

In case of Google Chrome you can reveal the hidden password by using above method.
  • Open the site and Right click on Password field of browser and then select Inspect Element.
  • After that Inspect Element will open and just find the word Password and replace with the word text in the HTML code and it will show you the hidden password under asterisks.
Also there is another way to revel the hidden password by using JavaScript which is quite simple and easy.
  • Open the site’s login page where you password is already remembered.
  • Now copy the blow code and paste it in the address bar of your browser.
JavaScript: alert(document.getElementById('Passwd').value);
  • After entering the above code in the address bar, hit Enter and a popup window will appear where your password written on it.

Internet Explorer

In case of Internet Explorer you can reveal the hidden password in the same way like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


There are so many ways to revel or view hidden password under asterisks in web browser, but the above method are safe and best. Also you can use third party tools to reveal hidden password, but if you use third party tools then anyone can reveal the password using same way, have permission to access your computer.
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