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What is Hacking |Different types of hacker|what is ethical hacking
Hi guys, this is very important post for all those who want to learn ethical hacking or want ethical hacking certification.This post will cover different aspects of hacking, different type of hackers and the methodologies they follow, their mindset and their working. This post will give you a introduction about how to be a hacker and how to get proper ethical hacking training.
So let us start:-
What is Ethical Hacking?
Ethical Hacking is process of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in a system and then rectifying them to protect them from other hackers. Person performing ethical hacking is person who has ethical hacking certification and holds good knowledge about computers, networks, programming and various vulnerabilities. His work is to secure his own network and protect it from all sort of cyber attacks.
Types of Hackers based on their knowledge :
Coders :
Coders are real hackers. They are programmers having immense knowledge about many programming languages, networking and working of programs. They are skilled programmers who can find vulnerabilities on their own and create exploits based on those vulnerabilities. They can code their own tools and exploit and can modify existing tools according to their use.
You have to learn programming from basic to advanced level to be a coder.
Admins :
These are the computer guys who are not sound enough in programming but holds enough information about hacking and networking. These guys have Hacking certifications and can hack any system or network with the help of tools and exploit created by codes. Majority of security consultants fall in this group. They are Certified Ethical Hackers who are trained for securing networks.
Script kiddies :
This is the most dangerous type of hackers. These type of hackers does not actually know what they are doing. They just use the tools and partial knowledge they gain from internet to attack systems. They do it just for fun purpose and to be famous. They use the tools and exploits coded by other hackers and use them. They have minimum skills.

ypes of Hackers based on their motive of hacking :
White Hat Hackers :
White hat hackers are ethical hackers with some certifications such as CEH( Certified Ethical Hacker). They break into systems just for legal purposes. Their main motive is to find loopholes in the networks and rectifying them. These type of hackers work with famous companies in securing their systems and protecting them against other hackers.
Black Hat Hacker :
A black hat hacker may or may not have any hacking certification but they hold good knowledge about hacking. They use their skills for destructive purposes. They break into systems and networks either for fun or to gain some money from illegal means. They gain unauthorized access and destroy/steal confidential data or basically cause problems to their target.
Gray Hat Hacker :
A grey hat hacker is a combination of a Black Hat and a White Hat Hacker. A Grey Hat Hacker may surf the internet and hack into a computer system for the sole purpose of notifying the administrator that their system has been hacked. Then they may offer to repair their system for a small fee.
CEH or Certified Ethical Hacking is a certification exam every hacker must give in order to certify that he is a trained hacker. CEH is conducted by Ec-council. You can have the examination test by registering at their site. The CEH certification is famous all over the world. They provide training camps for this camp or you can train yourself by learning hacking from sites like How to hack or by joining some local institutions that provide CEH courses. A person having this certification could easy get a job in IT Security sector. If your desire is to be a good hacker then this certification is a must have thing for you.
So now you know about different types of hackers and their working. I will be back with another post about how they actually hack into system. Stay tuned and keep visiting HackSerialKey.Com



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