Sunday, 2 November 2014

How to Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

Today I am going to share one of the important posts for Facebook page owners “How To Change Facebook Page Name”. The post is about how to change Facebook page name after 200+ likes.

Finally we have 100% working and tested trick that will help you to change name on Facebook page after 200+ likes.

As we all know there is a limitation in Facebook, when we reached 200+ like on Facebook page, we cannot change the name of the page. Now we have the best facebook trick to bypass this limitation to change Facebook page name. I have personally tested this trick on my Facebook page and I am able to change the name of my Facebook page which is already having 1000+ like.

You might have read most articles and tutorials on how to change name on Facebook page after 200 likes. Unfortunately most of them are not working nowadays. Even if they work, the problem is that they are very complex to understand that a newbie cannot apply it on their page.

But here we have explained it in a very simple manner that anybody can read and apply it on their page. It is very easy, after reading this you will be able to change your Facebook page name having more than 200 likes within just 10 or 15 minutes. You can also have a look to our previous post how to disable seen feature by unseen facebook chrome extension

How To Change Facebook Page Name


Facebook page name change feature is already available to every user in USA. So we can simply avail these features by changing our location to USA. Don’t be afraid, we can easily change our location by a proxy chrome extension called HOLA PROXY.
Read this below steps carefully and apply in your Facebook page to change its name:
1. Start Google Chrome browser and Click on this link to install HOLA PROXY
2. After installing HOLA PROXY extension in Chrome, now open in same browser.

3. Now click or press the HOLA EXTENSION ICON situated on top right side of the browser.
4. Select the country as USA (United States of America) Show in image below:
change-facebook-page-name-hola-proxy5. Now your location is being changed to USA
6. Once your location is changed to USA server, your facebook page will be refreshed. Now you are required to enter your Facebook credentials.
7. After login, navigate to your desired page (having more than 200 likes) which you want to change the name
8. Click on update info -> click on edit name
9. You can see a new option there “Request Change” which previously was not available.
10. Do right click on it and open it in different tab (Open in a New Window)
11. A form will appear “I need to change the name of my page”. Tick on “I understand the formatting guidelines for may Page’s new name”
12. Now fill your desired Facebook page name.
13. You can see an option “Why you want to change your page name”. Here I am recommending you to select the option “I am re-branding my page” from the drop down menu.
  • Now you are required to create a doc file where you have to write the reasons why you really want to change your Facebook page. Take some snapshots of your new business, website.
  • Now tick the box and click on SEND button
  • A message will be displayed in front of you saying “You will receive an email response shortly”
  • After maximum 2 or 3 days, you will see the change in your Facebook page name with your desired name.
You are done with how to change facebook page name after having more than 200 likes.
Enjoy and share this with your friends, they can also be able to change their Facebook page name.
If you still have any query regarding this, you can comment here. We will try to solve them in 48 hours.


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