Thursday, 2 August 2012

Remove powerd by blogger

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How do I remove the Powered by Blogger from my Blogger blog in the new blogger interface?
In order to remove you will need to edit the blogger template and delete the attribution widget in the new Blogger interface.

If you are using the old interface, please read this post on removing Powered by Blogger in old Blogger interface.

Please backup your blogger template before you make any changes to it. This helps to revert back to the original template when something goes wrong while editing your template. The steps for backup and restore are discussed here in detail.

Steps to remove the Powered by Blogger text from your blog in the new Blogger interface:
1. Click on the Template link in the left navigation menu.

2. Click on the Edit HTML button


3.Select the Expand Widget Templates check-box

4. Remove the following highlighted code.

5. Click on Save Template Button.
6. A warning is displayed.Click on Delete Widgets and click on Save Template Button.
if this not work  click  Next Button for alternate option

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