Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What are KeyLoggers ?

A keylogger sometimes called a spying software is a small program which is used to monitor a local or a Remote PC, Keyloggers now a days are so easy to use that a person with even a basic knowledge of computers can use keylogger.Once a keylogger is installed in your computer it can monitor each and every keystroke typed on your computer, thus key logger can be used for many purposes such as monitoring your children , employees and many more
There are Two main types of keyloggers that you should be aware of

Hardware Keyloggers 

This type of keylogger is a piece of equipment that is physically attached to ones computer, typically between the keyboard and the machine itself. While this type is the most powerful and readily available (try a Google search for ‘keylogger’ and you’ll be shocked), it also requires direct access to a machine to be installed.

Software Keyloggers 

This is the form of keylogging that you should be most aware of. In this case, the keylogger is attached via Malware, typically through a trojan horse. Thus, you’ll download an unsuspicious file (the trojan horse) that contains the keylogging software (malware). Once installed, the controller has full access to all of your keystrokes and passwords.

Why Do I need A keylogger ?

For Partners: Do you Suspect that your Spouse is cheating on you AND you do not have hard evidence to prove it? Consider Installing SniperSpy, it not only gives you the Complete activity of your Spouse but also provides enough Screen shots and Chat history that can serve as the clear evidence against your Cheating Spouse

For Hackers: Are you looking for any easy way to hack into someones facebook or Myspace accounts ? or wanna control someones facebook account? Key loggers  can expose you all the Keystrokes entered by your victim including Usernames and Passwords for any websites.

For Parents: Does your child spends most of their time before their computers? If your children spend time chatting or playing computer games, they can be approached by the strangers. In other words they are exposed to potentially Dangerous things like PORN, Gambling, Dating Strangers, etc. In this Case Keyloggers is the best solution to Monitor and control the Online Activity of your child.

For Employers: Do all your employees use their computer resources and Internet connection solely for your business? Do they work as hard as you? OR Do you suspect your employee’s productivity is lacking? You should consider installing Key logger Software that can serve as the best Employee Monitoring Software for Small business.

Which Keylogger to choose ?
There are plenty of Key loggers in the market some are free and some are costly , With my experience of more than 3 years in the field of  Hacking and security I suggest only two key loggers which I think are best and have a comparatively low antivirus detection rate ,


If your looking  for some Free key loggers then i would suggest you to go with  Ardmax keylogger


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