Monday, 9 December 2013

Download Torrent Using Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Hi Friends ,

this post is specially for those friends who use college wifi or other wifi which not allowed to download torrent files or we can say torrent is blocked and also for those friends who want to download torrent in internet download manager (idm).

Just follow these Easy steps:

Step 1: Search Your Torrent File from torrent website .

Step 2: Click On Your required file result

Step 3: click on any torrent website as shown in fig. ||Subhash Mahla
Step 4: Go to required website and copy the torrent download link:
Step 5 : open and paste the link in box and click on go.
Step 6 :  After Completing cache torrent the  file is ready for download
Step 7: now click on download it shows idm download box as shown . click on start download .

 If you have any problem just see our video:

Download torrent files in internet download manager (idm)

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